A Cut Above: First Barbers in Abergele Achieving Pledges

Well done to the team at A Cut Above Barbers!






The first Barbers in Abergele to have achieved their three pledges. You will see this sign displayed in their Barber shop.

The shop has created a Relaxed Area, which is a hair cutting station in the back of their shop. A person living with Dementia can find it difficult to engage in conversation whilst there are distractions and noise around them. The sound of many people chatting, clippers/hairdryers and back ground noise of the TV/Radio could mean that they are unable to hear their Barber chatting and being sociable with them, it may even cause them distress.

By having the option of a relaxed area, a person living with Dementia can have their hair cut in a quieter area of the shop away from visual and sound distractions.

100% of the team are Dementia Friends.

The shop also has various items of hair cutting tools from throughout the ages, on show and to handle. This is an excellent way to prompt reminiscence.

Well done A Cut Above Barbers!

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