Pledges In Action: What To Look Out For

As the local businesses work towards their pledges, you may notice a number of changes along the high street. This includes queuing signs, ‘Quiet Area Available’ and money value posters.


The queuing signs will allow shoppers to purchase goods without having another person stood close by them and in their personal space. A person living with Dementia can often find it difficult to block out background noise and surrounding distractions, which can make it difficult for that person to engage in conversation. By allowing a person living with Dementia the time and space they need to purchase their items, they can continue to independently be an active part of our community. These signs are currently displayed in Co Op Abergele and Co Op Pensarn, as well as on the relaxed lane in Tesco.


The ‘Quiet Area Available’ sign will be displayed in businesses, where all staff are Dementia Friends, that has a quiet area to allow for resting. A member of staff will welcome a person in and guide them to a quiet area where they’ll be offered a drink to relax. McCoubrey Cooke are the first in the community to offer this. Well done guys!


These money value posters will be visible at till points of the shops who are affiliated with Dementia Friendly Abergele. Both our community Co op’s, Abergele and Pensarn, as well as Tesco Abergele are among those that will be displaying them. The purpose of them is to help a person living with Dementia identify the coin and note value in their purse/wallet. This helps a person living with dementia to continue shopping independently and remain an active part of our community.


It is great to have so many businesses and organisations onboard with the idea of a Dementia Friendly Abergele, but we’re always looking for new ones to join! The more people who are aware and understand Dementia, the more consideration can be given to allow those with a diagnosis to still remain part of their community.