If you have any questions that have no been answered, please send us an email to abergeledementiafriendly@gmail.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What’s is a Dementia Friendly Community?

A Dementia Friendly Community is a city, town or village that has been recognised for understanding, respecting and supporting those living with Dementia.

It encourages all the local community to come together, be aware and understand Dementia.

This therefore makes those living with dementia feel they are still included and involved in society.

How do to get involved?

Let's get talking. The more we understand, the more thought and consideration can be given to improving the town.

We will be holding quarterly meetings to keep everyone informed about what the steering group is working on and put into action.

Attending these meetings will help to share and spread the information, as well as providing a space where knowledge can be exchanged.

We welcome anyone to join the range of activities we will be getting involved in, including Dementia Friends sessions.

Why choose Abergele to become Dementia Friendly?

The aim is to get the whole country to be working towards becoming dementia friendly, so where best to start than right on our door step. The lovely town of Abergele has a tight-knit community, making it the perfect place to establish this type of support network.

The steering group is made up of members who all have an interest in Abergele, either working or living in the town.